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Financial Help Provided: Temporary Assistance, Food Stamps, Medical Assistance, etc

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Financial Services

Food Stamps
      Food Stamps is a Federal nutrition program that strives to assist eligible individuals in acquiring adequate food for themselves and their families.
     HEAP is a federally funded program that helps low-income households pay their home energy costs. HEAP is usually available from November through April. There is also an emergency component.
      Medical Assistance (Medicaid) provides essential medical services to those unable to meet the cost of health care. In most cases, you may be eligible to receive medical assistance if you are in receipt of temporary assistance (TANF), receive supplemental income (SSI) or if you meet certain income, resource, age or disability criteria. There are also expanded eligibility levels, if you are pregnant or if you have a child.
      Medical Transportation
      Medicaid can pay for transportation to and from emergency medical care and services. Medicaid can also pay for transportation to and from non-emergency medical care or services for a Medicaid eligible individual, or reimburse that individual for the expense.
      In non-emergency situations, prior approval of the request for transportation is required to ensure that:
          - The mode of transportation, (i.e. private vehicle, public transit, taxi, ambulance), is appropriate to the medical needs of the client.
          - The least costly appropriate transportation is arranged.

Temporary Assistance
      There are three basic forms of Temporary Assistance (commonly called cash assistance). Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) provides temporary support for families with children. Emergency Assistance to Families (EAF) provides onetime emergency assistance to families with children with an immediate need (such as eviction, no heat, utility shutoff etc.). SafetyNet Assistance provides temporary support for individuals, childless couples or families not eligible for TANF. Income and resource tests apply and there is a strong emphasis on employment, reemployment or transition to entitlement programs for the disabled.

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Tips For Prompt And Professional Assistance
1. Make an appointment - Always attempt to make an appointment. Oftentimes this will save you hours waiting in lines. When on the phone make sure you ask for the documentation needed in order to receive assistance.

2. Do not be late for your appointment - This tip should speak for itself.

3. Dress appropriately - If you want to be treated with respect, dress as appropriately as possible. We are not saying wear a suit. Just make sure you and your clothes are clean and non offensive. We have found that clients who dress in this manner have a better chance of receiving aid.

4. Bring all pre determined documentation - Bring all of the documents you were advised to bring from your appointment phone call. Without them, you will not receive aid.

Mission Statement
To help the needy find financial aid and assistance. This nation is going through tough times and providing a helping hand can help make the world a better place.