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Salvation Army Eau Claire Bread of Life Center

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Eau Claire, WI - 54701
(715) 834-1224

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social service hours:
Monday - Thursday 10:00 am - 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
business hours:
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Serving Our Community
Hope Center
At The Salvation Army Bread of Life Center we believe in meeting the basic needs of individuals and families, young and old. These basic needs include food, clothing, shelter and household needs. While meeting the physical needs, The Salvation Army staff also offer hope and guidance to those coming in for services. Basic need services are available Monday through Friday by appointment. Individuals or families meet with a staff person in a quiet, confidential setting and determine what type and how much assistance can be provided.
General Community Assistance is given as funding allows. General community assistance involves all help which does not fit into specific assistance categories including: clothing vouchers, limited transportation, houseware needs, furniture, toiletry items, laundry, infant care items, and more. Our goal is to meet the diverse needs of the community.
Housing Services and Energy Assistance can be used to pay a portion of a person's current energy bill, help with fuel oil or LP gas or help pay for a month's rent or mortgage for those at risk of eviction. Funds can also pay for emergency housing in a motel.
Emergency Disaster Services provide support when disasters affect our area. We also provide services regionally in the case of a major disaster such as a tornado or flood. Regular trainings are done regionally to prepare and equip people interested in volunteering for disaster service.
Christmas Programs offer a variety of services in the holiday season commencing with Thanksgiving and ending with Christmas. Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets as well as Christmas toy distributions are given out to households in need. Local nursing homes are visited delivering warm greetings and small gifts to every resident.
Outreach Service programs include the Volunteer Department and "follow up care" for clients and participants in The Salvation Army programs. This area is responsible for recruitment, orientation, support, and recognition of volunteers involved in The Salvation Army programs and services. The goal of our Outreach Services is to build relationships with clients and program participants, to identify unmet needs and to get an idea of the effectiveness of our services to provide quality experiences.
Pathway of Hope - The Salvation Army offers holistic and strengths based case management services to families with children who have a desire to take action to break the cycle of crisis and attain a level of increased stability. Families will work in partnership with their case manager and ministry staff to develop an action plan as well as assess their strengths and progress while receiving support and encouragement to reach their goals.
Other Organization Operations include anything else that does not fit into specific areas of program services. Included in this area are the following services: special visits to care centers, correctional services, building use by outside groups, Advisory Board and Council activities, employee services, special events and programs (annual meeting, community dinners, family nights), participation in community groups by staff and officers, special printing projects (newsletter, pamphlets, etc.) and other incidental services, programs, and events.

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About Us
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Tips For Prompt And Professional Assistance
1. Make an appointment - Always attempt to make an appointment. Oftentimes this will save you hours waiting in lines. When on the phone make sure you ask for the documentation needed in order to receive assistance.

2. Do not be late for your appointment - This tip should speak for itself.

3. Dress appropriately - If you want to be treated with respect, dress as appropriately as possible. We are not saying wear a suit. Just make sure you and your clothes are clean and non offensive. We have found that clients who dress in this manner have a better chance of receiving aid.

4. Bring all pre determined documentation - Bring all of the documents you were advised to bring from your appointment phone call. Without them, you will not receive aid.

Mission Statement
To help the needy find financial aid and assistance. This nation is going through tough times and providing a helping hand can help make the world a better place.