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Financial Help Provided: Pinellas County Adult Emergency Financial Assistance Program, "Relief of Pain" Dental Services

Full Description:

Pinellas County Adult Emergency Financial Assistance Program

Pinellas County complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
To obtain accessible formats of this document, please call (727) 464-4062 (V/TDD).
Funding for this flyer was provided by Pinellas County Human Services. 10/2019C a l l   2-1-1 from any phone in Pinellas County or call (727) 210-4211 to determine qualifications.  
2-1-1 is available 24 hours each day.
The Financial Assistance Program processes requests between 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
The 2-1-1 fax number is (727) 255-5156.
Qualifying Instances:
Past due rent to avoid eviction
Emergency mortgage assistance to reduce the risk of foreclosure
Utility assistance to prevent unhealthy living conditions or eviction
Emergency transportation assistance for work or medical appointments
Work-related expenses that cause unexpected financial hardship
Eligibility: n18 years of age or older, or legally emancipated youth
Without minor children in household

Qualifying emergency need
Income at 200% of the Federal Poverty Level or below: •$24,980 annually or •$2,082 monthly for a one-person household.
Documentation Required:
Proof of income  
Proof of U. S. citizenship
Evidence of qualified   need
Proof of Pinellas County residency (two required)
Proof of assets for requests over $1,000


Obtain "Relief of Pain" Dental Services
What does the program provide?
    You may get a referral to a dentist for tooth extraction for the relief of pain only.

How do I apply?
    Visit one of the Human Services offices or Medical Homes or stop by the Medical Mobile Unit.
    Staff at the site will help you get approved. You will then receive a referral order to a dentist.

To qualify for services, you must meet all of the below criteria:
    You must not have any dental insurance or other access to dental care.
    You must be a Pinellas County resident.
    You must meet eligibility criteria as outlined on the Pinellas County Health Program information page.

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Tips For Prompt And Professional Assistance
1. Make an appointment - Always attempt to make an appointment. Oftentimes this will save you hours waiting in lines. When on the phone make sure you ask for the documentation needed in order to receive assistance.

2. Do not be late for your appointment - This tip should speak for itself.

3. Dress appropriately - If you want to be treated with respect, dress as appropriately as possible. We are not saying wear a suit. Just make sure you and your clothes are clean and non offensive. We have found that clients who dress in this manner have a better chance of receiving aid.

4. Bring all pre determined documentation - Bring all of the documents you were advised to bring from your appointment phone call. Without them, you will not receive aid.

Mission Statement
To help the needy find financial aid and assistance. This nation is going through tough times and providing a helping hand can help make the world a better place.