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To help the needy find financial aid and assistance. This nation is going through tough times and providing a helping hand can help make the world a better place.

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St. Joseph County DHS

Centreville, MI - 49032
(269) 467-1200

Financial Help Provided: TANF Cash Assistance, Food Stamp Assistance, State Emergency Relief, LIHEAP

Full Description:

Tanf Cash Assistance
Provides cash assistance to families who meet the income and eligibility requirements. The program encompasses the work requirements required by federal welfare reform. DHS works closely with the Department of Career Development (generally MI Works) to which clients are referred for employment services.

Low income households with limited assets
- Households with children age 0-18 or 18-19 attending high school full time and expected to graduate before age 20
- Pregnant women, families whose child(ren) are in foster care, but expected to return home within one year

Federal dollars to help provide assistance to disadvantaged households in meeting the costs of energy. Assistance can be through Michigan’s Home Heating Tax Credit, State Emergency Relief or Weatherization Program.

Apply for State Emergency Relief through DHS.

Food Stamp Assistance
The Food Assistance Program (previously called Food Stamp Program) provides benefits that can be used to purchase food or seed and plants to grow own food for low-income households. Individuals will receive benefits on an EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) or Bridge card.

ELIGIBILITY: Households with no or low income. Eligibility and benefits are based on household income and size. To check eligibility, check with MARS ( or call Michigan Food Stamp Helpline (800) 481-4989.

State Emergency Relief
Relocation assistance may include providing money for property tax arrearage, rent, rent arrearage, security deposits, and moving expenses for individuals and families.

- Low income households with limited assets and one of the following circumstances:
- Household is homeless, living in a shelter, car or on the street
- Household is living temporarily with other persons following a fire or natural disaster that occurred within 60 days of application
- Household is living with other persons to escape domestic violence
- Court summons, order or judgment was issued which will result in household becoming homeless
- Final written notice to vacate condemned housing from an authorized local public agency is received
- Household needs adequate housing to avoid a foster care placement or before child(ren) can return home from foster care
- DHS specialist/services worker, with supervisory approval, determines the family must be relocated from unsafe housing for the protection of child(ren)


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